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Not just any doctor can provide recommendations of marijuana for medical purposes. Similarly, not only the patient or person, regardless of their health status will apply for one. Currently there are 16 different states in the United Sates that have moved to enact laws that decriminalize medical cannabisfor medicinal purposes. However, these states have also instituted programs to ensure effectiveness and they are not used for recreation or fraud. All states that have medical marijuana programs in place in a very strictly regulated, and the only way to access them and become part of these programs is to first obtain the recommendation of medical marijuana for medical purposes, valid in your state.More information here www.highthc.ca.

What is Medical Cannabis recommendation?

In its simplest definition, the recommendation of marijuana for medical purposes is a document that is signed by a cannabis doctor approved by the state. These recommendations may be issued by the licensed doctors who are in good eminence. It is recommended that state insurance offered by a doctor who judge “, in their opinion of medical experts” who, fully review the past and present history of the patient’s disease would be beneficial medicinal marijuana. Your attention to these recommendations and approve the programs of their marijuana patients from them.

Where can you get a medical cannabis recommendation?

The only place where you can go on a recommendation from doctor licensed cannabis is in your state. There are many states that physicians specializing in cannabis or that have marijuana clinics can be seen today. Please check with your doctor or clinic and make an appointment. After seeing the doctor and if fully examined you, at their medical diplomacy they may issue you medical marijuana card in particular your state.

Some Facts about Medical Cannabis Recommendation

-> Only state approved cannabis doctors can write valid and legal medical cannabis recommendation.

-> The recommendation does not guarantee that you are approval by the State, and that still may refuse your request.

-> Only the state health department may issue a medical cannabis card, after hearing the application. In most states, the recommendation does not protect the right to have a cannabis card.

-> It is the responsibility of the marijuana doctor to write a recommendation of medical marijuana, and only when they see hemp as a viable solution for the medical situation.